Business Services

Griffing Leazer's Charlotte area business attorneys have decades of experience guiding North Carolina businesses from entity selection through dissolution. As attorneys and CPAs who each also hold MBA degrees, we bring practical business and tax advice to our clients.

Entity Selection & Creation

We guide and advise clients on their entity needs, helping with the formation, financing, restructuring, operating, succession planning and dissolving of entities.

If you are starting a business, we can help you decide what type of business is right for you — such as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, Subchapter S corporation, or C corporation — and will assist with all the formal requirements to get an entity up and running. We work closely with accountants, CPAs, brokers, and bankers to assist clients with their financing and operational needs. We help with the bank filings, drafting contracts for employees, customers and vendors, and the planning necessary for the successful operation of your business.

Business Tax Planning

If your business is successful, we can help minimize your taxes. We pride ourselves on staying current with market and legislative changes to best serve our clients. We assist small, family-owned and closely-held businesses with tax planning throughout the life of the entity.

Business Operations

As your business operates, we assist with ongoing operational needs — from contracts to financing to particular legal issues such as required disclosures after a data breach.

Acquisitions & Securities Regulations

We will assist with all aspects of planning for a sale or a purchase of a business. If your business is growing or you want to sell your business, we handle mergers and acquisitions and also selling interests in your business to investors, including how to satisfy the securities law requirements for these transactions. We can help in preparing purchase agreements whether asset or stock purchases. Further, we advise you on what structure will save you and your business taxes.

Retirement, Withdrawal & Dissolution

If you or your business partners want to retire from a business, there are different ways to structure your exit for tax purposes. Sometimes business partnerships are like a bad marriage and become irreconcilable; we can assist in these dissolutions as well. If your business is underperforming and you want to close it, we can also help minimize the cost to you in those situations.

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