Tax Litigation

In addition to our tax planning practice, our tax attorneys represent individuals, businesses, trusts and estates in both civil and criminal tax controversies, audits and administrative hearings with federal, state and local authorities in North and South Carolina. Griffing Leazer's attorneys have built relationships and have practiced before the federal, state and local taxing authorities for over 20 years.

Tax Audits & Tax Court

We can defend you through the government tax audit process and into court, as well as later, if the government begins trying to collect from you. We can assist with installment agreements, offers-in-compromise and uncollectible status. We have extensive experience in large tax court cases and negotiations. We can assist with any need you have with taxing authorities whether it is a collection matter, audit, appeal, civil or criminal matter, or tax court case.

Credit Problems – IRS & State

If you are overwhelmed by credit and tax burdens and can’t pay your bills, we can help with that. Many times, there is a strategy that can help you dig out of what seems like a hopeless situation. For example, many assets are exempt from the hands of creditors, so taking advantage of your exemptions can help. If it turns out that bankruptcy is your best option, we can help you negotiate bankruptcy. The IRS and North and South Carolina have collection rules that are different from your other creditors. Most people find that if they owe the IRS or the state, they also owe others. We can help with a strategy in these situations.

Contact Our Tax Litigation Attorneys

For more information about Griffing Leazer's tax litigation practice and how we can help you, we welcome you to contact us.